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Brandon Poole

Poole SY23-24


Hello! My name is Brandon Poole, and I am excited to be entering my fourth year at the Perry Career Academy as a Social Studies teacher. I will be in lab #230 this year. I have been an educator for 21 years. My early childhood years were spent growing up in Riverdale and I moved to Lovejoy in 3rd grade. I graduated from Lovejoy High School in 1998. From 1998-2002, I attended the University of Georgia where I earned my bachelors’ degree in Social Studies Education. I began my teaching career in 2002 at Riverdale High School. I taught Social Studies at Riverdale High from 2002-2006 while simultaneously earning a masters’ degree in Social Studies Education from Georgia State University. In 2006, I moved to Griffin High School where I taught from 2006-2019. During my years as an educator, I have taught World Geography, American Government, World History, United States History, Psychology, and Economics. I have experience working with students in the traditional and collaborative settings as well as with honors and advanced placement students. I look forward to working with all of the students, parents, and families at Perry this year!

-Mr. Brandon Poole
Email: [email protected]
Cell: (770) 330-6546



Course Syllabi: Mr. Poole's Personal Finance and Economics/Psychology Courses


Mr. Brandon Poole

(B.S.E.D. University of Georgia; M. Ed. Georgia State University)


Cell: (770) 330-6546


[email protected]

Course Description

The Perry Career Academy offers an innovative approach to Social Studies curricula through the ability to achieve high school credit by completing coursework through Edgenuity, attending Live Lessons once per week, as well as completing any required projects assigned by the teacher of each class.

*Please Note the Grade Weights for Social Studies Classes below:

Non EOC Courses

Edgenuity - 65%

Teacher Assignments/Projects - 20%

Classwork/Participation - 15%


United States History

Edgenuity - 65%

EOC Exam - 20%

Classwork/Participation - 15%


The following Social Studies courses are all required to graduate:

I: American Government/Civics

II. World History

III. U.S. History

IV. Economics

*Please Note: Psychology is offered as an elective credit

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will analyze, research, and explore the above mentioned classes with at least 70% accuracy or above.


Assignments will include lessons, quizzes, and unit tests assigned through Edgenuity as well as a Document Based Question Project for Economics (DBQ).
Psychology students will complete a research essay for their project.

Required Student Materials:

Internet access, materials for note taking, as well as anything else that the student may find useful for learning.

Work Ethic/Conduct Expectations:

  1. Students must check their school Gmail, Edgenuity Messages, and their Canvas Courses daily!
  2. Sign In/Out Monday-Friday for in-person attendance. Students are required to attend school in-person a minimum of one day per week.
  3. Cell phones may be used in the lab for listening to music, but they may not be used for research, social media, etc.
  4. Earphones must be kept at a low volume.
  5. Maintain a quiet working environment.
  6. Respect the cleanliness of the computer lab, and show respect towards yourself and others.
  7. Students must wear their ID badges while on campus.
  8. Adhere to the Clayton County Schools dress code policy.
  9. Stay on Task in Edgenuity while in the computer lab.
  10. Students may only use one computer at a time while in the computer lab.
  11. Students must log a minimum of 3 hours per day/15 hours per week in Edgenuity to be considered present (unless the student is on track to graduate and is passing all classes).
  12. Always sign out when done working in a lab computer.
  13. If leaving the computer lab, always get a pass.
  14. Show academic integrity at all times.

See the Perry Orientation Brochure and Student Handbook for more information.

Instructional Support Opportunities:

-Students should attend Live Lessons weekly, and/or students can arrange one-on-one help with Mr. Poole via Zoom or in person.

-Perry teachers are also available for assistance as well.

-Parent-teacher conferences may be scheduled as needed.

-Students will have free access to on-line tutoring via Seethe Rapid Identity Menu to access FEV Tutor.

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