Marquita Torres

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Marquita Torres


 I am pleased to be your child’s Spanish teacher this year.  I am very interested in having your support and working as a team with your family in order to have a very successful school year.


I was born in Fort Hood, TX and raised in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, and I am very proud to teach my language and my culture to your child.  I have been working in education for twelve years.  I have a Masters in Romance Languages with a concentration in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Memphis and a B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis in Memphis, TN.  While at the University of Memphis, I was able to study abroad in Costa Rica for a month and learn a lot about its culture and people. I have also been fortunate enough to travel the world such as: Germany, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Jamaica, Bahamas, and of course the United States.


I speak four languages: Spanish, English, Sign Language, and Portuguese. Living in different countries and knowing different languages, have given me a better understanding of the process of teaching a foreign language.  I take advantage of my personal experience in order to implement my teaching methods.  As you can tell, I love to travel and eat sushi and seafood!  I live in Georgia and one day I would love to travel to St. Regis Bora Bora. Overall, I am a very "global" person and I hope to not only share my love of the Spanish language with you all, but an appreciation for all cultures!


I understand that every child has different strengths and weaknesses in their learning process.  Therefore, I am committed to having differentiated instruction in my class with a variety of opportunities for my students’ to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, learning a language involves repetitionconstant work, and memorization skills.  I will request your support at home in order to reach our goal this year. 


Please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail.  I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.



¡Muchas Gracias!


Señorita Marquita Torres

Office 770-515-7601

[email protected]


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